The core problem of diabetes is not blood sugar, or blood sugar swings, the core problem is metabolizing that sugar.

For the last 90 years, physicians have treated diabetes by prescribing patients lifestyles that have tried to keep sugars within some reasonable range. This is a very commendable process, but fails to tackle the heart of diabetes. Sugar is not your enemy!

We’re approaching the treatment of diabetes from an entirely different vantage; before this process, physicians had no way to effectuate change in basic resting metabolism. Contrary to popular belief, diabetes is not a disease of improper blood sugar, that’s merely a symptom, which is why diabetes continues to be an epidemic in the United State with over 24 million people affected and an annual price tag of over $170 Billion.

Our new process treats the source of the problem, rather than attempting to deal with the symptoms. In essence, we have taken diabetic treatment farther, a lot farther, than ever before. How do we do that? We normalize metabolism.

It doesn’t matter if you are a type 1 or type 2 diabetic, your body’s inability to signal the liver hinders your body’s normal functions.

In order to normalize metabolism, we have to give two signals to the liver that a diabetic patient’s pancreas isn’t giving. The liver is supposed to receive these signals to prepare the rest of the body to burn sugar and to burn carbohydrates. When the pancreas isn’t signaling the liver properly your body doesn’t burn sugar. This doesn’t matter if you are Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic, your body’s inability to signal the liver hinders your body’s normal functions. Again, sugar is not your enemy – your enemy is the free fatty acids associated with not being able to burn sugar.

By stimulating the liver properly we treat the core problem of diabetes, rather than adjusting lifestyles to deal with symptoms.

What we learned, through rigorous research and testing, is that by stimulating the liver properly, and in a sense recreating the body’s normal functions, we’re able to get the liver to tell the rest of the body to burn sugar. Once you’re burning sugar, you stop burning as much fat, and free fatty acids, and as a result of that, all of the degradation associated with the secondary complications of diabetes will begin to unwind. So what does this mean to the average diabetic patient? It means we can finally begin to slow, stop, and even reverse the worst complications that happen as a result of diabetes – this is a way to get your life back!

How is our process different than other diabetic treatments?

In order to properly stimulate the liver, we use a very specialized IV pump, a specialized pump that had to be built, that utilizes a complex process of infusion. This is why our process is so unique, and so breakthrough – none of the other pumps do what ours does. This is certainly superior to the CSII type insulin pumps people use on a regular basis. Why does that matter? In order to signal the liver properly, you cannot use a subcutaneous infusion, it must be done using this specialized pump to access the portal vein.

Our pump is FDA certified, clinically tested, and addresses the core problem of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2, rather than just treating the symptoms.


“We’re finally addressing the disease from an entirely different vantage…We have taken the process a lot further,and are now treating the core problems of diabetes, rather than just the symptoms.”

-G. Ford Gilbert, the innovator behind this breakthrough diabetic treatment.